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August 18th FUNdamentals of Animal Massage
Animal Bodyworker Conference
Susan Kaetz Memorial Scholarship
NWSAM's Most Adorable Spokesperson says Farewell
Nicola Way, Small Animal Massage
Susan Holm at Mind Body Tail Massage
Ren Matney
Wendy Dahl, MA, SAMT, CBATI
Kimberly Tews
Quimby Lombardozzi
Jill Donovan
Morgan Evans
Cindy Link Small Animal
Lisa Sullivan Small Animal Massage Therapist
Margaret Taormina, CSAMP
Nicole Brandon, SAMP
Dolores Matthys SAMP/LAMP
Tannie Kindlan SAMP 100,200 & 300
Amy Peterson at Canine Massage Fx
Marta Banat
Courtney Foley
Allyson Kirk SAMP
Barbara Perkins - SAMP
Rosanne Rynerson
Andrew Cottonwood - SAMP
Yuru Feng - SAMP & Animal Acupressure
Anne Morrison SAMP
Heather Sanders - Small Animal Acupressure, Massage and Nutrition
Susan Marland -- SAMP & LAMP - Animal Works Massage
Molly Brennan
Linda Cyders "In touch" Horse & Hound Massage
Lisa Carter - Carter Equine Productions-Heavenly Gaits Equine Massage
Linda Troup- T Touch Practitioner, Therapeutic Animal Massage Practitioner- Reiki - Essential Oils
Kelly Belcour / Treat Animal Wellness
Janice Hill-Kendara VanNorman / SwimSpaw
Jody Barnett- Jill Oakley
Lori Stevens
Anne Angelo, L.C.S.W.
Lynnie Ford/ Wag Wellness & Water Therapy
Hindsight Veterinary Care - Michael Salewski, DVM
Mercy Vet - Jacqueline S. Obando, DVM
All About Animal Massage
Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute
Brevard Zoo
DERMagic All Natural Skincare for Dogs
Best Friends Animal Society
National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Washington State Legislature Website
Seattle Veterinary Specialists
Equine Performance Institute
ACCES Seattle
DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital
Carol Hayes
J Linn Black Henline LMP, SAMP
Daynna Major LAMP, SAMP
Lynn Bekkers LAMP, SAMP
Lisa Jordan
Susanna "Sukie" Baxter LMP, LAMP
Rose Perry
Kim Bauer, LAMP, SAMP
Allison Allbaugh, LAMP
Linda Voelker LMP, SAMP
Dawn Spiegelberg, LMP, LAMP
Christie Lynn Webb SAMP
Claire Demarest, LAMP, Reiki Master, ESMP
Tiffany Lane
Kerri Miller
Vicki Draper LMP, LAMP, SAMP
Michelle Valentine LAMP, SAMP
Carolyn Anne-Ryan English
Marni Schmid SAMP
Megumi Sakaino SAMP
Vonnie Goetting LMP, SAMP
Eeva Patrakka
Ximena Alban
Dolores Matthys LAMP, SAMP
Debbie La Monica SAMP
Jessamyn Grace West LAMP
Rubi Sullivan SAMP
Seattle Humane Society
International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork
Sherri Cappabianca, SAMP
Lorna Boydston CVT, SAMP, Reiki MT
Rachel Kinser SAMP
Rachel Kinser SAMP
Lisa Carter LAMP
Carol Larson LMP, SAMP, LVT
Heather Sanders, SAMP
Equestrian Life
Stephanie VonMoos, LAMP
Kai Tazuko, SAMP
Kathy Garland, SAMP
Rico Yamada, SAMP
Lori Dalton, SAMP
Jennifer L. Streit, LMP, SAMP
Jen Fraser, SAMP
Donna McLaughlin SAMP
Angela Dinsmoor- CSAMP , Serenity Pet Massage
Sandy Glass / Sydney NSW Austrailia
Aloha Animal Massage
Jennifer Lovejoy LMP, LAMP
Jennifer Lovejoy LMP, LAMP
Kauai Humane Society
Linda Cyders SAMP K-9 Wellness
Lynnie Ford
Courtney Collins Horn/Canine Kneads Animal Massage
Jessamyn West
Kellie Bartlett
Shelah Barr SAMP, CMT
Richard Wasserman SAMP
Pamela Clark, RMT, SAMP
Kacy Jensen - Happy Dog Mobil Massage
Madelyn Turner www.bodyworkpdx.com
J Linn Black Henline jlinn@jlinn.net
Julie Rust
Make Mine a Million $ Business
Hope for Horses
Faith Bushby LAMP
Oregon Humane Society
Atlanta Humane Society
Homeward Pet Adoption Center
Pasado's Safe Haven
Escondido Humane Sociey
Pet Expertise
Massage in Orange County, CA
Denton Massage School
Horses HQ
All of Massage
Legacy Farm
SplashDog Spa
FunQuest Dog Sports
Helping Your Dog's Hips and Hind End
Equine Back Pain
Active Isolated Stretching: An Introduction
Acupressure Foundation Course
Advanced Manual Ligament Therapy
Articulating the Skeleton
Animal Aromatics Foundation DL
Animal Aromatics Foundation Practical
Animal Massage Practitioner Externship
DogSafe Canine Pet First Aid
Canine MLT Certification
Canine MLT™ Foundation Module
Canine MLT Module 2
Canine MLT Module 3
Canine MLT Module 4
Canine MLT Module 5
Enrichment Course: Animal Reiki II
Enrichment Course: Reiki III
Enrichment Course: Animal Reiki I
Enrichment Course: Connecitve Tissue Approaches II
Enrichment Course: Connecitve Tissue I
Enrichment Course: Shiatsu
Enrichment Course: Canine Nutrition
Enrichment Course: Animal Communication
EQ Manual Ligament Therapy Foundation
EQ MAP for Hind End Joints
Advanced EQ Manual Ligament Therapy
EQ Equine Stress Point Therapy
Equine Systems Anatomy
Equi-Taping Practitioners Training & Practicum
Equine Acupressure Foundation Distance Learning
Equine Acupressure Foundation Practical
Equine MLT Certification
Equine MLT Module 2
Equine MLT Module 3
Equine MLT Module 4
Equine MLT Module 4
Equine MLT Module 5
FUNdamentals of Acupressure
FUNdamentals of Animal Massage- Lola Michelin
FUNdamentals of Animal Massage- Angela Dinsmoor
FUNdamentals of Animal Massage- Rubi Sullivan
FUNdamentals of Animal Massage - Rose Rynerson
FUNdamentals of Kinesiology Taping
3 Keys to Healing with Crystal Essences
Introduction to Tellington TTouch Training
Caring for Equine Tendon & Ligament Conditions
K9 Condiditioning private lesson
K9 Conditioning w/ FitPAWS
K9 Manual Ligament Therapy Foundation
K9 MAP for Geriatric Pets
K9 Myofascial Release Therapy
K9 Stress Point Therapy
K9 Trigger Point Therapy
Texas LAMP 100-09
Large Animal Foundation Massage Practical
Large Animal Foundation Massage: Distance Learning certification course
Level 200: Large Animal Distance Learning
Level 300: Large Animal Massage Distance Learning
Large Animal Massage Cert. (on-site)
Level 100: Small Animal Massage Practical
Level 200: Large Animal Massage Practical
Level 200: Small Animal Massage Practical
Level 300: Large Animal Massage Practical
Level 300: Small Animal Massage Practical
Caring for Canine Tendon & Ligament Conditions
Massage Technique Review Course
Microcurrent Therapy for Animals
Myofascial Therapy for Animals
NWSAM Enrichment Course
Rider Pilates: Ride in Balance
Small Animal Foundation MassageDistance Learning certification course
Level 200: Small Animal Distance Learning
Level 300: Small Animal Massage Distance Learning
Small Animal Massage Cert. (on-site)
Small Animal Acupressure Foundation Practical
Small Animal Acupressure Foundation Distance Learning
Small Animal Acutonics for Animal Care Practitioners
Tellington TTouch for Senior Pets
"How To" Train and Present Effectively
Trigger Point Therapy for Animals
Vibrational Healing Essences for Animals
Vibrational Healing Essences for Animals
Walking in Balance With Your Dog
Anatomy of the Rider and Rider Pilates
Bits and Proper Bitting
Chiropractic and Acupuncture for Your Horse
Equine First Aid and Emergency Preparedness
"How To" Be Your Own Marketing Guru
"How To" Build Better Bridges
"How To" Forge a Better Business Plan
"How To" Learn Business Survival Skills
General Discussion
Large Animal Massage
Small Animal Massage
Graduate Forum
Job Postings
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