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Horses and Elephants 0 threads  
2009 on line student contact 3 posts  
Equine Massage availability in Puyallup area 2 posts  
DVD is fantastic. 2 posts  
Book Report 8 posts  
State Requirements 3 posts  
magnetic therapy 3 posts  
lamp 100 study help 8 posts  
LAMP 100 2010 Student Contact 5 posts  
Nov. Practical in Redmond 1 posts  
2012 LAMP100 April Practical 2 posts  
2012 Lamp100 April Practicial 3 posts  
2012 LAMP 200 Sept. Practical 2 posts  
4/6/13 CURRENT LAMP students 4 posts  
Students in LAM Practical Oct 2013 11 posts  
Places to stay for Practical in OCT? 1 posts  
How do you let them know... 1 posts  
Anyone heading to LAMP/SAMP 300 at BFAS in Oct? 1 posts  
LAMP100 Practical 4 posts  
LAMP practical in Kanab 1 posts  
Book Report Requirements for LAMP 100 2 posts  
LAMP 200 JUN 2014 3 posts  
Aug 2014 LAMP 100 Practical 2 posts  
New Student; Sep. 2014 5 posts  
March 2015 LAMP practicals 7 posts  
100 Level Practical 1 posts  
Videos of horse behavior? 2 posts  
Students in Level 300 LAMP 2015 2 posts  
Have referral for LAMP 300 grad in Elgin, IL area 1 posts  
200 level practicum july 15 3 posts  
Camping buddy? 2 posts  
Book Report for LAMP 200 2 posts  
Checking ROM in limbs 1 posts  
Large Animal Massage NBCAAM 3 posts  
Share a house for May 2017 LAMP 300 Practical in Hood River, OR? 1 posts  
Level 200 practical in may 2018 2 posts  
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Welcome to the NWSAM message board!  This is YOUR space.  Use this space to ask questions, touch base with other students, give us your feedback or just tell us how you are doing. 

Current students and graduates are welcome to ADD posts here.  Visitors are able to READ posts only.

All posts will be reviewed by the moderator.  Posts with bad karma may be deleted at anytime. :)

Please also take a look at the NWSAM Graduate Yahoo! Group; a forum where students, practitioners and graduates of the Northwest School of Animal Massage can participate.

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