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By selecting the appropriate drop-down option at left, you may visit a whole range of websites, including our business partners, travel partners, massage organizations, governing bodies, and much more.

GRADUATES:  To view all of our graduates by state visit our Graduate Page.  This list will give you the names of individuals who have completed a course of study with NWSAM.  To find a therapist in your area or to view a graduate's specific information, visit the Graduate Business Links.  Grads, if you would like to add your email or website to your listing, please contact the office by phone or email.  We want to promote your talents!

GRADUATE BUSINESS LINKS:  Looking for a practitioner in your area?  Wish to speak with a graduate about their experience with NWSAM?  Or perhaps you need the services or products offered by our exceptional graduates.  Visit links to their personal sites or contact information here.

GOVERNING BODIES AND ORGANIZATIONS:  We attempt to provide links to relative governing bodies that come to our attention.  Animal massage IS regulated in some areas, and we want you to know about the legal issues BEFORE you begin your studies.  Additionally, there are a number of organizations supporting massage, animal massage and animal wellness found in this area.

TRAVEL PARTNERS:  From time to time, we are able to partner with hotels, airlines, and other businesses to bring you savings on your educational-related travel.

BUSINESS PARTNERS:  We are often asked about service providers we utilize in our operations.  Those partners are listed here.

SHELTER AND RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS:  NWSAM has fostered relationships with many local and national organizations which seek to rescue, shelter, rehabilitate and place animals.  We are especially appreciative of all their efforts and our symbiotic bond with these groups.

Want to suggest a link? Contact us. 

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